Troubleshooting of your Electric Log Splitter

The electric log splitter is a useful device to own and use if there is a lot of log splitting work that you need to do in a short period of time. The electric log splitter negates all the backbreaking work that is associated with the activity of splitting wood by hand. Yet like all machines, the electric log splitter is also prone to wear and tear and can show signs of malfunctioning upon extensive use. The following are some troubleshooting tips associated with electric log splitters that you can keep in mind in order to resolve mechanical issues should these ever arise in the course of running the electric log splitter. however I still prefer manual log splitter over any other wood splitter.

Spluttering Engine

The motor of the electric log splitter can at times become fully clogged with debris and grime, as can the fuel tank of the log splitter. The latter is particularly problematic as this could end up clogging all the fuel lines causing the engine to start spluttering instead of running smoothly. To troubleshoot such a problem, the best thing to do would be to avoid cutting any hard timbers with the electric log splitter.

Tripping Breaker

The electric log splitters contain engines that operate on electric connections requiring at least 15 amps. If the log splitter motor struggles when cutting through pieces of wood, more and more electricity shall get drawn to the machine, thus tripping the circuit breaker. This is a problem that you can also troubleshoot by avoiding splitting large pieces of timber.

Breaking Ram Head

The ram head of the electric log splitter contains a weld which is responsible for engaging with the wood and pushing this onto an axe. However, the weld can easily break if you apply uneven pressure to the plate. The best way to rectify the problem would be to grind the original weld off the ram plate while hiring a qualified welder in order to re-weld the plate back onto its mount. It is important to make sure in this instance, that the weld is absolutely solid.

Thus, the above mentioned points showcase the various ways in which you can troubleshoot problems that can arise when using an electric log splitter.